Why give 75% at a job you sort of like when you can give 100% at a job you love?

September 28, 2009 § 4 Comments

There can be several reasons:  Family.  Commitments.  Security.  Good Pay.  Benefits.  Stability.

But what about:  Passion?  Fun?  Self-fulfillment?

I believe that the majority of us have been brought up thinking that we cannot have both.  We look at the kind of life we want to have, and think that it’s not possible if we also want something else.  For instance, can a woman really have a career and be the heart of the family?  Many think no.  But what about the career you are passionate about?

Find a job that you love and you will never work another day in your life.” – Confucius

Find that passion, that fun, that self-fulfillment and soon it doesn’t take any work at all to have both.  Because when you love what you do, you’ll always find a reason to do it.

I am in an area I love.  Everything I do has to do with the web.  From web design, social media and marketing to shopping, connecting and sharing.  By day I support corporate websites and their initiatives.  I love the challenge there is across a multitude of industries and finding ways to make a company website work while supporting a variety of goals.

By night, I do the same thing, only for individuals and small businesses because I believe there is a world full of people out there I can help.  It’s not work to me.  It’s where two of my passions meet:  web and helping people.   And it’s something I can make a good living at.  I have time for family, for my commitments.  I have security, stability and benefits.  I’m living by example.  I think I can have it all.  And so far I do.

I haven’t always thought that way.  I used to think in terms of sacrifices.  I had to sacrifice something that I wanted in order to get something else that I wanted.  And sometimes, to prove how much I wanted it, it had to be a big sacrifice.

There was value in what I gave up to get what I wanted.  I slip back into those shoes every now and again, and they feel foreign and uncomfortable. For me it’s been about taking a long hard look at the obstacles I think I face.  And figuring out who put them there.  Most of them I put there myself.  I have set my own limits and my own ceilings.  I took a different stance, the sky became the limit… and all of a sudden it’s attainable.

So, what if we each chose to live our lives from a standpoint of passion?  What if we chose not to settle for any less than work we are passionate about doing and that supports our families AND provides stability and security?  It’s out there.

And because we’re each passionate about different areas, there’s plenty to go around.


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