Be. Do. Have.

July 19, 2010 § 2 Comments

For most of my life, I had the first two words of these three words reversed. Do. Be. Have. A certain type of person had the things I wanted to have in life.  But in order to be that type of person, I had to first do all the things that kind of person did. That meant I had to build my life and the things around it before I would ever reach that level. To me, being the person that I wanted to be was going to take years.

Last year, those words were switched up for me. Be. Do. Have. That meant I could already be the person that I wanted to be. By being that person, it would drive my behaviour to already do the things that person does and eventually have the things that person has.

As it turns out, when you’ve lived your entire life from a ‘Do. Be. Have.’ perspective, changing that around to ‘Be. Do. Have.’ is a little trickier than just switching a couple of words around.  Learning to BE before I DO has proven to be a tough process for me.

But DOing first before I can be is not working for me. It’s keeping me in a perpetual cycle where I’m striving so hard to reach the level I want and I never quite seem to get there. Why? Because there will always be an endless list of things to do.  And in a scenario where DO comes first, it’s a stage I’ll never get passed.

The trick, I think, is in letting go of what I thought I was and accepting the fact that I already am who I want to be. I’m BEing her.

Who knew changing the order of two words could make such an impact?

Be. Do. Have.


§ 2 Responses to Be. Do. Have.

  • Excellent. Really sums up the need to take action. So overused, but Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

  • Tammi Putnam says:

    Hey Wendy, That’s beautiful! Great insight my friend. Also loved David’s Yoda quote 🙂 For me, I always remind myself of who I’m BEING. I think of it in terms of “I am.” Sometimes, I’ll even say, “Okay, Tammi…who are you being right now?” It’s the grand reminder that everything starts with who you’re BEING.

    For example, a non-smoker is not wondering if they’ll have a cigarette after dinner, in fact they don’t even think about it. Why? Because it’s not even in there consciousness. Who they are being? A person that choses health everyday. A vegetarian doesn’t wonder if they’ll have bacon for breakfast. Why? Because who they are being is a person that choses to not eat meat.

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