I doubt that’s possible… or do I?

February 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

There are times where it can be easy for me to get caught up in the mechanics of a situation.  There are details I just haven’t figured out yet, and I get so focused on trying to find a solution that I miss out on everything else that’s going on.  Right now, for instance, I’m fumbling.  I have an idea of where I’d like to go, and for most of last year I was just out in the world, doing my thing, going wherever the wind took me.  Because I figured if that’s where the wind blew me, then that must be the place for me to be.

As much as I talk about being clear about choices, and trusting yourself and your instincts, I think an important part of this process is knowing that at some point, you may fumble.  How is it possible to be so sure of oneself if you haven’t spent any time being unsure?  The questions milling about in my head right now are ranging on all levels.  From relationships, to music, to career.  I’m questioning my choices, I’m looking at where I’ve been and I’m wondering if where I’ve been headed all of this time is still where I want to go.

Is it possible to devote my spare time and energy to build a company, write a blog that will turn into a book, follow my heart further down the musical path it loves so much and still have time for quality friendships and relationships?  Many people over the last couple of years have told me “no, no it isn’t possible.” And yet, I’ve found some that tell me “of course it is.”

I’m in a moment right now, that I don’t know which one of those sides to believe.  I’m doubting the truth of everything I’ve said so far.  And yet now that I’ve put those doubts into words, I wonder just how true they are?  Or if I’m just looking for a way to prove the rest of the world right.  The ones who say it’s not possible.  The ones who can lull me back to a spot of complacency.

Part of living the life of my dreams has been about recognizing everything I might be feeling at one moment or another.  Knowing that there will be moments that I doubt myself and my abilities, but having the strength to acknowledge it, but not to give in to it.

Doubt is as much a part of the process as belief. It’s as natural a feeling as any other.  It can be what gets in our way, what stops us from continuing on down the path to what we want.  But it can also serve as a valuable check and balance.  Whenever you are at a place of doubt, don’t just banish it from your thoughts, but don’t get caught up in it either. Stop, observe it, explore where it’s coming from. It crept into your mind for one reason or another. Take it as a sign to check in.  See what the situation is around you, see if what you want still fits, or if new opportunities have arisen that change your game plan.

Just as light cannot exist without dark, the good is never good unless measured against the bad, belief cannot exist without doubt. Use it to your advantage and then decide which one you’d like to prove right… what you believe… or what you doubt. Consciously pick one.  And I think you’ll find your proof either way.


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  • John Sidhu says:

    Hey Stranger,
    All I know is that it is better to take the plunge and see where one lands. Last year, I went white water rafting with two of my good friends. During our excursion we made a pit stop to do some cliff diving into the water. I am not a very strong swimmer but I decided what the hell; I will see how I feel once I get up there. Now, I knew there is always a risk associated with such activities but I was also aware that “The Guides” would not come up with such an idea without a proper risk assessment. I went up to the first cliff with my buddies and watched them jump. When it came to my turn, I looked down and took a deep breath without really thinking much about it, I jumped. After coming out of the water, I swam back to shore. I could feel the adrenaline rush as I step out of water and on to the ground. Full of excitement, I headed up towards the second cliff. Now this cliff must have been another 25 feet above the previous one. I watched both my buddies jump, one after the other. As they were jumping, I got into my headspace. I started analyzing the height and the impact of what would happen if I was to land in a certain manner. My adrenaline rush was soon replaced by fear and I froze. Needless to say, I did not jump. At the end of the day as we were heading home, I was rather quiet. Ernie, who was in the back seat, turned to me and said, “You are still thinking about the dives!” He continued, “You are thinking about the one that you did not attempt?” I looked at him and nodded. I learned a valuable lesson that day!

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