Generations and inspirations

November 23, 2009 § 5 Comments

It’s a rare, rainy October night. Usually by now, there’s snow covering the ground, no rain drops falling against my window in a steady stream. It’s about the time of night, although not the time of year, when I would wake up to the sound of big, wet rain drops hitting the eaves trough outside my window. I would lay there for a few moments, just listening, and then I would grab a blanket and head upstairs and out the backdoor. I loved watching for lightning and listening to the rain with my Dad. He was usually already out there.

We didn’t usually say anything, my Dad has never been much of a talker. But we would sit and listen, for what felt like hours at a time. I found so much peace in those moments… such rare, wonderful moments.

It’s that same feeling of inner peace and contentment that I feel now, wrapped in the silent blanket that the wee hours bring. I always find inspiration in these moments, and the memory of listening to the rain with my dad always finds its way in too.

He’s part of what inspires me. His caring strength, and quiet nature have taught me to find a different kind of appreciation in observing the details, and keeping them as they are, the way nature intended, following the natural flow and evolution of what’s come before them.

That, I would say, is one of the corner stones by which I live my life, by finding joy and beauty in the details. My Dad has taught me to take a step back when nobody else thinks to, to contemplate what’s in front of me and not take it for granted. And to always find a way back to myself, back to where I’m peaceful.

It all makes a neat little circle. Observing the details, finding rare moments, being at peace.

So if you ever find yourself caught up in something, look around you, is anyone else paying attention? Maybe you’ll find a little piece of the world to capture as well, a piece that’s just for you. Your anchor to a moment of inspiration, or calm. Take a look. See what you find.

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§ 5 Responses to Generations and inspirations

  • John Tyler says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing that moment, so vivid how you describe it-can just picture it!! A good way to ‘live in the moment’!

  • Wendy Peters says:

    Yes, living in the moment. I didn’t actually have a solid concept of what that meant until the last few months. Living in the moment. It’s taking charge of an opportunity, being aware of myself and my surroundings, appreciating where I’m at and where I’m going… the next step is figuring out how to live between the moments. How do we go about threading it all together? The in between is where the real magic happens… but how does one exist between moments?

  • John Tyler says:

    That is a good definition of living in the moment. It can be applied to so many situations- I always keep thinking those moments are so few and far between, but with that definition I can see there are more moments that I can stop and take the time to really appreciate. Yes, that is the next thing to figure out 🙂

  • Stacey Perlin says:

    I smiled as I read this as the best times “at peace” were spent with my Dad; watching the stars come out or watching ants on the sidewalk. Not sure if it’s because neither of us knew what to say or if we knew that we didn’t HAVE to say anything.

    btw, a great book for the in-between is “In the Meantime” by Iyanla Vanzant 🙂

    • Wendy Peters says:

      Stacey – one of those moments that we can just enjoy for what they were and/or seek a lesson in as per the conversation we were having over on FB….

      Good suggestion for a book, btw. Am just reading the overview on amazon. It’s halfway to the in between I was talking about, I think my head went a bit more abstract…

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